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Conanblz is a package delivery company and a leading transportation, logistics, and air and ocean freight forwarder. Its business unit, Conanbiz Supply Chain Solutions, makes it easier for customers to access Conanbiz's expanding range of logistics, freight, financial and consulting services in order to improve the performance of their global supply chains.
With Conanbiz Supply Chain Solutions you get a single-source solution to the complexities of ocean freight, giving you the capacity to extend your global business reach. We're uniquely positioned to leverage our infrastructure, systems and global network to synchronize your supply chain from end to end - regionally, nationally and globally. Today we are a customs broker in South Korea as well as a leading global air and ocean freight forwarder. Conanbiz Ocean Freight Services will be leading your products in the world.
To learn more about how our global air and ocean freight forwarder services can streamline your supply chain, contact us today!

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